Man Dies in Industrial Accident in Calaveras County

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ANGELS CAMP – A man was killed in an industrial accident in Calaveras County on Monday, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

Ansel John Bowman’s son, Andy Bowman, describes his dad as someone who was loved by many.

He says his dad was recently married back in November.

So, his sudden death came as a complete shock.

Andy Bowman remembers his 57-year-old dad as a man with a big heart.

“He was a very big family man,” Andy said.

Earlier this week, while he was at work, Andy got a phone call that would forever change his life.

“My sister called me at the end of my shift and let me know that she had bad news,” he said.

Bowman thought his sister was going to tell him that his father couldn’t make it for a scheduled visit at the end of the month.

But what he heard, made his heart drop.

“I just lost my dad,” Bowman said sadly.

The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office confirms Ansel Bowman, an employee with the Calaveras County Public Works Department was killed after an industrial accident in a rural part of the county.

Andy says his dad was clearing brush on the side of the road when he was tragically struck and killed by a falling log.

“We found out it was a complete freak accident, it was no one’s fault, it wasn’t any disregard to safety,” Andy explained.

He says his dad was a passionate employee with the department for more than ten years, but he always tried to be safe, he knew the dangers of the job.

“If it snowed, he would plow the roads, and it’s always that, but working up in Calaveras County, we don’t have straight roads, it’s a lot of windy, twisty, speed limit says 25 and people go 35 or forty,” Andy said.

While Andy remembers his dad as someone who always went out of his way to give to others, he knows his dad’s memory will live on for all who knew him.

“He was loved and appreciated,” Andy said. “He is going to have a really good impact on this community.”

Andy says his family is working on funeral arrangements at this time.

The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office is still working to determine the cause of the accident.


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