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Lori Hensley and her husband came home from Labor Day weekend shopping, only to find that their home off of Lincoln Avenue in Woodland had been burglarized.

“I was mighty surprised when I look up and I see a guy siting in a chair, in my living room,” Hensley told FOX40 Monday.

Woodland Police say 27-year-old Alejandro Hurtado apparently locked himself in the Hensley’s home Saturday  evening after taking several household items from their home.

“He was passed out. That’s when we locked him in our house and called the police,” Hensley said.

When officers could not get the alleged burglar to come out, they called the SWAT team.

“They spent several hours outside the home and finally went in and got him,” said Lt. Anthony Cucci with the Woodland Police Department. “We didn’t know if he was armed or not.”

Similar in narrative to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Little Bears, Hensley says the burglar poured a bowl of Trix cereal for himself.

“He also had several bottles of our tequila,” she says.

Hurtado was booked in Yolo County. He faces felony burglary charges for allegedly breaking and entering, as well as resisting arrest.