(KTXL) — A Sacramento man who many thought had been killed in Sunday’s shooting on K Street is alive and well.

Incorrect messages on social media spread false rumors about Ricardo Ignacio’s death.

Ignacio was candid about his feelings when he found out he was named as one of the victims in a shooting tragedy that left six people dead and another 12 injured in downtown Sacramento Sunday morning.

“That’s disgusting,” Ignacio said. “It’s disgusting.”

Ignacio was nowhere near the shooting and knew nothing about it when the author and hip hop artist went to bed Saturday night after posting a new music video to Instagram that he worked on all day.

He had to turn to Facebook late Monday to try and clear up a massive mistake that was showing up on news websites and social media pages all over the internet across the world.

“Sacramento mass shooting,” Ignacio recalled. “These are the dead and then I see my name.”

“Sunday, I woke up at 8 in the morning. I woke up dead according to social media everywhere, not just Sacramento, not just California and not just the United States, parts of Mexico,” Ignacio added.

Hundreds of posts filled with false claims of a close friendship to him with someone lost in the downtown shooting spree are still floating around, all from people he doesn’t even know.

“You know you don’t have the facts but you’re pushing it anyway because it’s trending. That’s how you know the intentions are foul. That’s how you know,” Ignacio said.

And while his immediate family knew exactly where he was, and how alive he was, Ignacio said he’s outraged by what effect that misinformation may have had on members of his extended family.

Ignacio said he’s worried about how his family members who didn’t know the truth would react.

“Affected them so much emotionally, psychologically, that it affected their health, but something very bad could happen,” Ignacio said.

While pushing for accountability from agencies around the Capital city, Black Lives Matter Sacramento is one of the groups that shared images of Ignacio from his album and book covers, listing him among the dead.

As followers tried to correct them and questioned the post, BLM Sacramento told them online that Instagram wouldn’t let them change the picture without losing the images of some of those who had died.

Ignacio said he believes the group really doesn’t want to lose the social media traffic the post generated.

“They don’t want lose that, cause in the social media world, likes equal validity,” Ignacio explained.

“Take me off of it,” Ignacio said about his still-posted photo. “The only people who need attention because of this are the people who are suffering, the people who have been murdered. These are the people who deserve all of the attention.”

BLM Sacramento has added the list of those killed Sunday provided by the coroner to their Instagram post, but the picture of Ignacio is still up.

FOX40 reached out to BLM Sacramento about Ignacio’s concerns and the issues of ongoing misinformation but group leaders did not respond.