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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — One lucky kitten owes its nine lives to a man in Cottage Park after he saved it from floodwaters on Sunday.

Skip Campbell jumped to action outside his home when his wife heard a commotion outside.

“My wife had heard a faint noise,” Campbell said. “Looked over and saw a little head bobbing up.” 

The kitten was caught in floodwaters and struggled to keep its head above the torrent.

“It was about waist-high. And I was just real careful, because it does drop off about three feet away from where I’m at,” Campbell said. “And that’s where it drops into the creek bed.”

The couple hasn’t quite decided to keep the kitten, but they’ve rescued and kept cats in the past.

“It was great. Really pretty cat. And it doesn’t seem real feral,” Campbell said. “Seems real calm. It got beautiful green eyes.” 

In all, Campbell’s just glad the storm didn’t cause more damage.

“Bringing water to California,” Campbell said. “But at the same time, didn’t flood us out.”