Man says he was ‘blown back’ by interaction with Elk Grove officer

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ELK GROVE, Calif. (KTXL) — It’s not often someone is heard demanding a traffic ticket but one Elk Grove mother said she considered it to be better than what she feared could be the alternative.

“Go give my son his ticket. We will take care of this in court,” said Stacey Harvey-Slocum in a video she recorded. “My son will not be the next hashtag.”

The incident began Sunday afternoon.

“I come over two, three times a day to take care of my dog, see my sister and just help my mom,” explained Harvey-Slocum’s son, Tobias Eagle.

Eagle was turning from a stop sign onto his parent’s street. He said the garage was open and his mother was outside.

“I stopped in front of her driveway because I’m not going to be here long,” he told FOX40. 

He said after getting out of the car, they realized a police car was approaching with its lights on.

“She yells on the intercom, ‘Don’t you park your car right there. Move to the other side of the street,’” Harvey-Slocum recalled the officer saying to her son.

Eagle and Harvey-Slocum had his license and registration ready but said the officer was more concerned with another issue.

“‘Are you on probation or parole?’” Harvey-Slocum said the officer asked.

Eagle is set to graduate with a master’s in mechanical engineering next fall at the age of 21 and he says to be asked if he’s on probation or parole is tough to reconcile.

“You can’t really recognize, like, the feelings that you have. I was kind of just blown back,” Eagle said.

But that was not why Harvey-Slocum said she started recording.

“She said he ran a stop sign, but kept questioning, asking if he’s on probation or parole,” she says in the video. “He said no. She refuses to run his information.”

Harvey-Slocum said she could not understand why the interaction was not ending.

“Go give him the ticket and you can leave,” Harvey-Slocum can be heard saying in her video.

“I will in due time,” the officer responds.

What came across as furious indignation on camera Harvey-Slocum said was nothing short of terror. 

“I have worked too hard to get him where he is. I will not bury my son,” she said.

Eagle said he was afraid of showing any emotion. So, he said he stuck with his childhood training his parents gave him as a Black person for police interaction: stand still, show your hands and stay quiet.

In the video the police officer said she was waiting for her partner, explaining that traffic stops are dangerous.

“She has her hand on her gun. She’s looking for something for me to do, something,” Eagle told FOX40.

Eventually, other officers arrived and Eagle was issued a traffic ticket.

In the days since, Harvey-Slocum said she has had an encouraging conversation with the Elk Grove Police chief. She preferred to keep the dialogue going but against her wishes, her son wants to file a formal complaint.  

“It’s better if that we go through this complaint process and make sure she has this on her record,” Eagle said.

But during FOX40’s interview with the family Wednesday, something worried Harvey-Slocum and again raised her concerns about filing a complaint. Two Elk Grove police cars drove down the street and abruptly turned around. It was unclear at the time why they turned back but they stopped shortly after passing FOX40’s live truck on one side of the street and the camera pointed at them on the other.

The family said they have never had a negative experience with Elk Grove police but this incident has shattered their trust and Harvey-Slocum said she worries those police cars were an intimidation tactic.  

“That’s why I don’t want you to file complaint, they’re going to target you,” she told her son.

An Elk Grove Police spokesperson later told FOX40 there were police officers in the area responding to calls for service not far from the home. When FOX40 left the family’s home, Eagle and Harvey-Slocum said their nerves were shaken but their resolve was still rock solid. 

“I feel like the appropriate resolution is for her termination because racial profiling should be a zero tolerance policy,” Harvey-Slocum said.

The Elk Grove Police Department told FOX40 it is aware of Sunday’s situation and later released a statement online.

As is our practice to be transparent, Chief Albright has solicited an outside entity to conduct an independent investigation into the incident and to provide an impartial and independent review.

After becoming aware of the video posted to social media, we reached out to the family. Chief Albright began a dialogue with family members and invited those family members to meet in person. Along with Chief Albright and Assistant Chief Davis, the officer involved in the traffic stop volunteered to meet with the family and be a part of the process. Chief Albright also invited a member of the Chief’s Community Advisory Board (CAB) to take part in the discussion. We remain willing to be part of the discussion.

Elk Grove Police Department

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