ROSEVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — A viral video from a gas station in Roseville showing a man stealing gas without the victim knowing is making the rounds on social media. 

Imagine paying to fill up your gas tank only to realize you actually paid for the person on the other side of the pump to fill up their tank.

A manager at a Roseville gas station caught it on a surveillance camera.

“The cashier, my supervisor, she’s the one that told me that somebody came in and said that their needle didn’t move on their gas tank when they pumped 60 bucks. So, I came in the next day and watched the video and saw that this guy was actually taking the other guy’s gas,” Christopher Torscher, an ampm assistant manager, said.

Police are calling it fuel nozzle switching, and Roseville residents said it’s especially frustrating right now as gas prices remain high.

“It’s just a weak move, you know. It makes me upset. I feel bad for the person that got taken advantage of. But, you know, karma comes,” resident Brad Osterhout said.

Although this crime of switching gas pumps is almost always caught on camera, police said it can be difficult to find and charge the perpetrators.

“Criminals have gotten smart by disguising their vehicles or using mechanisms where they’re not easily traceable, but, we know with the cost of gas, this crime is likely happening a lot. And it’s likely not being reported,” Roseville police spokesman Rob Baquera said.

Baquera said to call the police if you see this happening. 

It is considered theft and can carry misdemeanor charges if caught. 

He stressed people should have situational awareness at the gas pump, check the pump hose is connected to their pump island, and feel that the gas is going through the nozzle when pulling the lever. 

Torscher said it’s not the first time he’s seen this at his gas station. 

“It actually happened I think it was three years ago. We actually had a guy that for like three months he was doing this. It took us three months to finally catch him and stop him,” Torscher said.

The video going viral is exactly what Torscher wanted to happen, he said. He wants people to hopefully be more aware when they’re pumping gas.

“I hate it when anybody tries to rip off my customers. Like this is our business. We have to look out for them as well,” Torscher said.

Roseville police said there has been no arrest made in this case.