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SACRAMENTO — The suspect in Sunday’s deadly concert fist fight casually walked into Sacramento Police Headquarters Tuesday with his lawyer and loved ones.

He stayed silent as FOX40 asked why he decided to turn himself in; to tell investigators he and his pregnant fiancee are the man and woman they were searching for.

“It’s important that my client, Mr. Saunders, tell his side of the story. He wanted to do the right thing,” said Saunders’ lawyer, Dionne Choyce.

Choyce insisted the young man was defending himself Sunday night at the 102.5 Live concert at Discovery Park.

“The older gentleman was aggressive towards him, he wanted to fight him, he walked away several times and that’s when the altercation took place,” Choyce said.

After questioning both Saunders and his fiancee, Sac PD let them go, hand-in-hand — not in handcuffs.

“Our job as a department is to ensure justice is done so we’re gonna ensure we have a complete and thorough understanding of what occurred,” said Sacramento police Officer Matthew McPhail.

The victim has been identified as 31-year-old Thomas Noble.

Witnesses say the deadly brawl at the hip-hop concert started over spilled barbecue sauce.

“It was over something very petty,” Choyce said.

Now that petty violence leaves one family grieving a life cut short and another waiting to find out whether a young couple will face charges.

The victim worked as a package handler for UPS in Sacramento.

Sac PD is still investigating the fatal fight.

The District Attorney’s office will determine whether or not charges will be filed.