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Love knows no bounds; a terrifying fall, months-long coma and on-going therapy couldn’t stop a Sacramento couple from tying the knot on Christmas Day.

Just six months ago, a wedding seemed impossible for Tommy and Regina Jeglum.

Tommy, a telecommunications tower climber, fell 50 feet while working in June. He was in a coma for more than two months.

Doctors originally told Regina only 10% of people with Tommy’s injuries actually wake up, and some stay in a vegetative state.

“Now he is awake and getting better every day,” Regina told FOX40. “”It’s amazing, our children have their daddy to hold him kiss him.”

Tommy is able to sit up, eat and Regina says his speech is getting better.

The couple decided to celebrate Tommy’s recovery and got married on Christmas Day.

But the opportunity to have Tommy home with loved ones couldn’t have happened without the support of friends, families and the Hubble Foundation; an organization dedicated to helping tower climbers’ families.

“People can argue facts and figures, but the dangers we are exposed to every day are real,” Bryce Mallory, another tower climber, said.

Mallory connected with the Jeglum’s through the foundation, and has been offering a helping hand through Tommy’s treatments.

“To know that true love exists like that today. Today is a Christmas miracle,” Mallory said of Regina and Tommy’s wedding.

For more information about the Hubble Foundation and how they help fallen climbers, click here.

Sam Cohen contributed to this report

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