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David Gulzadah’s weekend trip to Tahoe got off to a horrible beginning Thursday.

The San Jose native decided to stop off at the Roseville Costco to pick up some last minute items for himself and his 10-week-old puppy Charlie.

Gulzadah couldn’t bring the pure bred beagle inside, so he parked in the back, in the shade. He rolled down all four windows and gave Charlie water.

He was inside for no more than 20 minutes.

But when he returned Charlie was gone, and a note was left in his car.

The note read: Water your dog, or leave at home.

Someone had taken Charlie, apparently upset that he was left in the car on a hot day.

“I don’t have any kids,” said Gulzadah. “This is my kid. I want him back.”

The person who took Charlie seemed concerned for his well-being. Even asking around the Costco Tire Center before taking him.

“If you encounter something like this, you can’t go taking someone else’s personal property,” warned Sergent Jason Bosworth with Roseville Police. “It could be considered theft.”

So the question now is, what can Gulzadah do now?

“I’m just hoping the person who took him has a heart and gives him back to me. He has a home.”

Gulzadah said he would remain in that parking lot for the rest of the evening in case Charlie was returned.