Manteca police suspect group arrested at Walmart part of retail theft ring

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MANTECA, Calif. (KTXL) — Manteca police arrested four people suspected of shoplifting more than $1,000 worth of electronics and other items from a Walmart in broad daylight. 

The police department is calling it a brazen shoplifting ring. 

“Loss prevention at Walmart observed two individuals, pushing some items in a cart that they’d recognize from a previous push out,” Manteca Police Sgt. Gregg Beall said. 

Beall says loss prevention immediately contacted officers about the suspected theft in progress and looked on as two of them walked right out of the store without paying. 

“While patrols were en route, loss prevention watched them push these two carts over to a waiting vehicle,” Beall told FOX40. “The suspects then loaded the items from the cart into the vehicle, and then came back into the store to get more stuff.” 

Officers say they arrested those two when they came back out as well as the two others. 

According to police, $1,500 worth of merchandise, including a flatscreen TV, box spring mattress and other electronics were found in the vehicle. 

“We assigned an investigator full time just to organized retail theft, because it’s a pretty prevalent problem we have in our area,” Beall said. 

Investigators say the four people are part of organized retail theft ring from Modesto. 

The suspects even printed fake purchasing stickers to put on the merchandise, so they can walk out of the store and avoid paying, according to police. 

“I would think that that kind of speaks to the brazenness of the, of the crime. They’ve obviously done it before,” Beall said. 

The detective dedicated to organized retail crime works with business owners and other nearby police agencies to combat retail theft across the region. 

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