Manteca Woman Says Her Dog was Violently Killed in Attack Outside Her Home

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MANTECA -- A Manteca woman said the bond she shared with her dog came to a violent and sad end Monday.

"She was my companion at nighttime, for my safety, and she was my baby," Kaur told FOX40.

Around 8 a.m., Kiran Kaur said her dog, Snowy, was outside her home when two dogs came to her front yard. Kaur said the dogs, one in particular, wouldn’t stop attacking and biting Snowy.

As Snowy tried to escape back inside, she was cut off.

"She came this way but the dog caught her before I could and right here is where the dog bit her one last time," Kaur recalled, pointing to the spot as she spoke.

Kaur said 3-year-old Snowy died at the veterinary clinic.

"She was suffering and it upsets me so much. That’s why I posted on Facebook this morning," Kaur said.

Kaur said she took to social media to find out who the dogs belonged to and to warn others about what happened.

"Make sure those dogs are off the street," she said.

She added that after the attack the dogs wandered over to nearby Sierra High School, which is when a neighbor went to the school to tell them to be careful.

Now, after a blurry day of emotions, Kaur said she's reassessing steps to protect her 8-month-old child.

"This makes me be so more careful for my own daughter," Kaur said. "She’s little and I'm considering putting up a gating off my whole front yard."

Kaur did file a report with Manteca police. Monday afternoon she was told by an officer that the dogs have been found and returned to their owner.  The Manteca Police Department confirmed that officers had returned the dogs per the department's policy.

In cases of dog versus dog attacks, the animals are taken back to their owners, according to the department. Animal control will follow up with the case on Tuesday.


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