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ROCKLIN, Calif. (KTXL) – Whitney High School’s varsity football team was gearing up to play against Rocklin High School during the much-anticipated Quarry Bowl next Friday when the event was canceled after a student or staff member tested positive for COVID-19.

It’s a rough start to the Wildcats’ 2021 football season, as more than one player on the varsity football team may have been exposed to the person who tested positive on March 1.

“They were put on a 14-day quarantine and, you know, we’re really upset that the varsity football game between Whitney High School and Rocklin High School won’t take place on Friday, March 12,” said Sundeep Dosanjh, Rocklin Unified School District’s communications director.

He added that on March 8, it will be required for all student-athletes and coaches in high-contact sports to get testing done weekly. But before then, they were following the current protocols for testing COVID-19 symptoms.

“Anyone that was experiencing COVID-19 symptoms were encouraged to get tested,” Dosanjh explained.

A major hurdle right now is the amount of practice time the athletes need to squeeze in after their quarantine period ends, which is only three days before their next scheduled game.

Players need at least 15 days to practice but, according to Dosanjh, they are working on a solution to keep the season going.

“The March 19 game against Oakridge will take place on Saturday, March 20, instead,” Dosanjh said. “So the varsity team is still working on obtaining the 15 days necessary to participate in their first football game.”

California’s guidelines on youth sports also say local health departments must be made aware of cross-county competitions in high-contact sports and have the jurisdiction to cancel games depending on county tiers and case thresholds. That makes things even more uncertain for the future of high school sports.

As of now, Whitney High will still play against Rocklin on April 16. The JV and freshman teams will still be able to practice and their games have also been moved to March 20.