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SACRAMENTO —  Police and firefighters are trying to find the owner of a Sacramento building that went up in flames Monday night — right along with the pot grow inside.

Crews say flames chewed through about 100 plants inside a small warehouse in the Arden area, at Auburn Boulevard and Frienza.

Some paperwork found on site appears to indicate the grow might be legal, but investigators are trying to determine if that’s the case.

What they do know is that putting the fire out was made much more difficult thanks to someone’s effort to protect their pot.

“Extra padlocks, interior walls built up around openings that you wouldn’t normally expect in a commercial occupancy. So it gives the illusion from the street as business as normal, but once you get in there’s more complicated maze-like structures in there… they have to deal with,” said Battalion Chief David Baldwin with the Sacramento Fire Department.

Crews also found long conduit runs for electricity that might have been tapping a neighbor’s power illegally.

No one was inside when firefighters arrived. They are still trying to pinpoint a cause.