Marysville father tests positive for COVID-19

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MARYSVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — A Marysville man is speaking out after he says he tested positive for COVID-19. 

Joshua Victorino said he was immediately concerned when he started to come down with a bad cough, have shortness of breath and became fatigued.

“I was like I might as well go out to see if I can get tested because I do have a daughter that had heart surgery a couple of years ago,” he told FOX40.

Victorino said when he first started to feel symptoms of the novel coronavirus, he went to the emergency room. He then went to a screening site to get tested.

“They said, ‘Normally, we wouldn’t test you for it because you don’t have a fever,’” Victorino recalled. “And they told me because I was a veteran that they would go ahead and do it just to be safe.”

He told FOX40 he was advised by an Ampla Health employee at their Yuba County screening site to self-quarantine while awaiting his test results.

A few days later, they called him to say he had tested positive.

Victorino said he is keeping his distance from loved ones who are also isolating inside their Marysville home.

“One of my daughters she’s a huge daddy’s girl,” he said. “So it took her a few days to realize, ‘I can’t come lay with daddy.’”

He’s asking people to take the virus seriously and take all necessary precautions to stay safe. 

“Remember to stay social distancing and don’t go out in a big group,” he said.

Victorino said he was advised by his doctor to continue to self-isolate until he tests negative for the virus.

Health officials in Yuba and Sutter counties confirmed altogether five people have tested positive for the disease. 

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