Marysville Proposes 5th Street Bridge Project after Multiple Crashes at Intersection

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MARYSVILLE — The owner of Auto Gears says the traffic is becoming a daily problem at a busy intersection in Marysville.

As cars try to make their way across 5th Street, Theng Xiong says he sees daily crashes and fears his business may be in harm’s way.

One traffic collision caught on camera at 5th and F streets then another seen from a store’s surveillance as another car attempts to make its way across the intersection.

“I’m actually at my desk and looking straight through the window, and I can see this all unfold right in front of me,” Xionog said.  “People that cross don’t pay attention, or they are speeding, speeding is actually a factor too.”

Xiong has owned the business for almost eight years and he says with recent construction projects on the 5th Street Bridge, along with heavier traffic, drivers may be looking for ways around the normal congestion.

“This is the main street going to Yuba City now, so a lot of the time people detour from Highway 20 to here or Highway 70.”

The city of Marysville recently approved a proposal for the 5th Street Roadway Rehabilitation Project – which they say will address most of Xiong’s concerns.

The proposed project includes revamped roadways – including turning lanes on 5th Street, pedestrian signals and a new traffic signal at H Street.

“I want to see them reduce the size of it and the speed limit,” Xiong said.

But in the end, Xiong is hoping this road is safer for both pedestrians and drivers.

Xiong says the proposed project will also eliminate parking in front of his business.

The city says once they receive the funding for the project – construction could begin as early as next month.

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