(FOX40.COM) — A Marysville man was sentenced to state prison on Friday after pleading no contest on Oct. 4 to forcible rape and arson, according to the Yuba County District Attorney’s Office.

Juan Carlos Medina, 70, will serve 16 years in state prison in connection to lighting a 59-year-old woman on fire after raping her. According to the district attorney’s office, the woman was living with Medina.

When the Marysville Police Department arrived at the home, they found the woman lying in a bathtub with water running over her burns, which covered more than 10% of her body.

Medina had stayed at the home and told officers that the woman had caught herself on fire when she lit a cigarette after cleaning her hands with hand sanitizer.

Investigators noticed that the woman’s injuries did not line up with this story and uncovered that Medina had put hand sanitizer onto the woman and used a butane torch to light her shirt on fire.

After helping put out the flames, Medina then refused to call an ambulance for several hours, officials said.

Responding medical teams found the woman was suffering from second and third-degree burns. She was taken to Rideout and then the UC Davis Medical Center, where she received several skin graft surgeries.

As the case was handed over to the district attorney’s office, they found that several 911 calls had been made from the same area as the arson in the prior days.

“The calls were an “open line,” meaning that the call connected, and the dispatcher could hear people speaking, but no one spoke to dispatch,” the district attorney’s office wrote in a news release.

The woman heard during the calls could be heard talking about being raped and saying someone was trying to “scare her with a torch.”

Police interviewed the woman victim while she was at UC Davis Medical Center and determined it was her on the “open line” 911 calls.

She also confirmed that she had been held and raped by Medina for several days.