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Two more protesters were arrested today, among them a key organizer of the homeless protests ongoing outside Sacramento’s City Hall.

But does it mean the month-long camp-in will end now? Protesters say no.

“Right now I just ask that people please, please come and help us, support us, come down here and bring water,” said Mohammed Abughannam, who is a homeless protester. “We need people out here. We need bodies out here. To show Sac PD we’re not going to go down. We’re not scared.”

Whether or not those protesters get any help, they have already gotten themselves into the middle of Sacramento’s Mayoral Race.

“Let us first acknowledge homelessness for what it is… which is a disgrace,” said Mayoral candidate Darrel Steinberg.

Steinberg, on the stump today pitching himself to potential constituents, fielded more than one question about homelessness in Sacramento.

While the protesters are asking the City to set aside an ordinance that largely makes it illegal to camp, Steinberg says that’s not how he’d go about it.

“Well, I don’t know about the camping policy. I’m less focused on the camping policy,” said Steinberg. “I want to make sure we don’t need a camping policy, because we have to put housing first.”

The stakes are high for Sacramento’s next mayor. Not only for the impacts on public safety and public health, but also potentially Sacramento’s digital profile as well.

This video, purportedly published by the hacker group Anonymous, is calling for a social media campaign against the City of Sacramento and its businesses.

And indeed, more and more protesters are appearing in the mask affiliated with anonymous resistance.