SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento was set to see the debut of an innovative way to purchase meats until Sacramento County health officials put a pause on the project.

V. Miller Meats, a local butcher shop, had been promoting its digital vending machine, one that would dispense meats 24 hours a day from outside its Folsom Boulevard location.

Thursday was supposed to be the machine’s debut, but customers that wanted to purchase meats at the push of a button will have to wait now that health officials said they need more information about the project before they can give it the green light.

A FOX40 crew visited the location on Friday morning and found the machine still wrapped up and unavailable for service.

Eric Veldman Miller, the owner of the business, says that he wants to change the way he does business by making meats available to customers 24 hours a day.

“Long-term goals are to get more machines in other areas where customers live and who normally have to drive down here,” said Miller.

Miller said the machine is temperature regulated and operates the same way a vending machine dispenses candy or drinks.

FOX40 contacted county health officials, who said the environmental management department paused the opening of the vending machine pending a review. They need to make sure the machine meets all the requirements and standards.

Health officials have been in contact with the owner, and he agreed to submit plans for review.