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SACRAMENTO — Meet Ignacio Calderon Pulgar, the first baby born in Sacramento in 2018.

Ignacio was born at 12:15 a.m., after his parents got to Sutter Medical Center at 11 the previous morning.

Mom Napsely Pulgar says her new son picked his own name after his baby shower.

“We got a couple of names of our friends, and I started to ask by each name,” she said. “And he never gave me a sign, until every time I said Ignacio, he always kick.”

With his name picked out four months in advance, the family had a hunch he’d come early too — a week early to be exact.

“We came here, and hopefully everything is done today,” Pulgar recalls thinking on New Year’s Eve.

But the labor, which came in painful waves, took more than 13 hours.

“At 11:45, everybody was telling us, ‘No you shouldn’t have the baby before 12!” I said, ‘No it’s OK,'” she said. “We just want to have the baby out.”

And just after the stroke of midnight, Ignacio arrived.

“At 12:15, he just came out. After trying and trying and trying,” Pulgar said.

At 8 pounds, 7 ounces, and 21 inches long, Ignacio is a healthy boy, with a full head of hair.

Mom says once Ignacio grows up, he’ll know all about how he rang in the new year.

“I think he will be excited about all that he went through.”