WILTON, Calif. (KTXL) — A Wilton man died in a house fire Saturday morning. 

Fire crews found heavy smoke and flames rising from a ranch property along Plum Lane at around 7:30 a.m.

“It was unfortunate and very heartbreaking that there was a fatality involved,” Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District Capt. Parker Wilbourn told FOX40.

Wilbourn said the victim was an adult male and his body was found inside the home.

“The fire was extinguished and limited to that unit. It did not get into the adjacent barn that was right next door. So, the crews did a great job of stopping it there,” Wilbourn explained.

Neighbors did not wish to talk about what happened.

Investigators are looking into the cause.

The fire was an isolated incident and fire crews quickly contained the blaze, even though the weather was not cooperative.

“This morning there was a wind that could have potentially presented challenges,” Wilbourn said.

After weeks without rain, firefighters are seeing an uptick in fire activity.

“Whether they’re large or small, we’re seeing those fires up and down the state already starting. So, we want to be diligent. We never want to let our guard down,” Wilbourn said.

The victim in the fire was the only occupant of that home. There were no additional injuries.