Metro Fire Uses Donated Home for Live Fire Training

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SACRAMENTO — A home set to be demolished was the site of some training for Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District firefighters Monday.

The focus was to work on tactics to prevent flames from spreading to adjacent buildings.

“In the summertime with our wildfires, a lot of times we have structure-to-structure ignition. So we’re training on how to keep fires at the origin and not to spread to those other areas,” Metro Fire spokesman Chris Vestal said. “And we also do other things like forcible entry. We bust through doors, we bust through other portions of the building so that we can make access.”

The home was to be demolished to make room for a new subdivision, so the owner donated what was left of it to the fire department.

“There’s no situation like live fire training to practice for our job of fighting real fires. Being able to see how fire behaves when we apply water, being able to see how the things that we do on scene of a fire actually affect the building and the other conditions that we’re faced with on a real incident,” Vestal said.

Vestal added that Monday’s wind actually helped push smoke away from a nearby subdivision.


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