‘Microburst’ Sends Intense Gusts through Twain Harte, Causes Damage

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TWAIN HARTE — Mother Nature works powerfully fast. High winds knocked a tree into this home on Ponderosa Drive in Twain Harte, leveling dozens of trees and even made a boat fly.

“This was just a phenomenon that happened instantly,” Dave Hoyt said.

“This was pretty unbelievable,” Hal McMurphy told us.

Dave Hoyt and his neighbor Hal McMurphy said there was a sudden shift in the weather on Tuesday afternoon.

“It’s all hail coming down and then it just suddenly stopped coming down,” Hoyt said.

“Tremendous blast of wind came through,” McMurphy said.

Dark clouds hail and according to the National Weather Service, winds as high as 105 miles per hour tore through this part of Twain Harte, “and I saw a whole bunch of trees coming down it looked like they were just twisting around in the air,” Hoyt said.

The NWS said this was the work of a microburst, when a rotating thunderstorm collapses. Neighbors call it a mess. One of the trees cut through Hoyt’s mother in law’s roof.

The downed trees have also blocked the roads leading up to Hoyt’s home but he said he now has a better view of the Valley and his summer plans.

“Ah, just rebuilding and a lot of cleanup. This is a summer project,” Hoyt said.

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