ROSEVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — A Roseville mom is saying that her middle school daughter is the target of racist comments from her classmates, and she is upset with the school and district for how they handled the situation.

A mom and her 11-year-old daughter told FOX40 that the daughter thought that these kids were her best friends. The mom is blaming not only the district for failing her daughter but also the parents.

Last week, Tanisha Wade says that she discovered disturbing messages on her daughter’s phone. Her daughter, Saniyah Burns, a 6th-grader at Buljan Middle School, was in a text group chat with her classmates. When Wade combed through the text threat and read the messages, she saw a pattern of racism.

“They changed the group from Ku Klux Klan, to HATE with monkeys and gorillas with emojis. With a picture that says, no more blacks,” Tanisha Wade said.

Wade says that she even saw a photo that was circulating around campus.

“There’s a photo going around of her with the five monkeys jumping on the bed children’s book. They cropped her face on it, and put it on one of the monkeys,” Wade said.

Burns told her mom that this had been going on for weeks, but Wade says that she never heard anything from the school.

“You guys messed up. You guys did not contact a parent that day. I shouldn’t have had to come to you the next day and bring it to your attention,” Wade said.

Nobody from the Roseville City School District wanted to speak with FOX40, but they did provide FOX40 with a statement that says, in part, they are working with Roseville Police here to investigate this incident.

“Any component of a hate crime or something that could potentially be racially motivated, is investigated to the fullest extent possible,” Rob Baquera from the Roseville Police Department said.

The district is also adding that they are not allowed to talk about disciplinary actions. But community activist Berry Accius says that these students need to be suspended or expelled.

“Consequences need to happen in this moment. If you don’t have any consequences then these things will happen again at school,” Berry Accius from Voice for Youth said.

Burns will continue to go to school and try to hold her head high. She says that it is hard being around people she once thought were her friends.

The principal at Buljan told FOX40 that he is taking the incident seriously and the top priority is to create a place where all students feel safe, seen, known and valued.