Midtown Sacramento businesses left to pick up the pieces after Sunday night looting

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — It was far from business as usual at Pucci’s Pharmacy Monday after looters broke into the midtown Sacramento business Sunday night.

“They were trying to find high-dollar value medications, the controlled substances, the things they could take on the street and sell for a profit,” said pharmacy owner Joel Hockman.

Surveillance footage shows the group shattering the front entrance and person after person begins making their way inside.

Hockman told FOX40 he tried to stop them. 

“We informed them that we were armed and they quickly ran out,” he explained. “But we just could not keep them all at bay. They just kept coming in.”

He began working Monday to pick up the pieces by boarding up windows and reordering tens of thousands of dollars worth of stolen medications.

“We’re a little bit disappointed that city leadership did not take a lesson from Saturday night and go ahead and enforce a curfew,” Hockman said.

While protests were largely peaceful most of Saturday and Sunday during daylight hours, destruction erupted at night.

“I mean, we finally, I thought we were over the coronavirus,” said Mikuni CEO Taro Arai. “I thought, ‘This is it. Finally, we can open the doors for our customers and employees.’ And then this happens.”

The entrance to Arai’s popular sushi restaurant on J Street was destroyed and some small items were taken.

But he said he was just grateful no one was injured.

“I have to believe that this is part of God’s plan,” Arai said.

Volunteers were helping him clean up and board up windows.

“It is sad to see this but more than that I’m overwhelmed with the love and support from the community,” Arai told FOX40.

Mikuni is shutting down several locations across the Sacramento area because they don’t want to risk anyone’s safety.

It’s important to note, most of the business owners FOX40 spoke with Monday said they support the message behind the protests and believe a few bad actors are taking advantage of a painful situation.


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