Midtown Sacramento neighbors find holes drilled in their cars, gas stolen

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) -- Neighbors in midtown Sacramento said someone drilled holes into the tanks of their cars in order to siphon gas out of them.

Anastacia McCauley said it happened to her boyfriend’s truck.

“He took it to his shop and they noticed there’s a hole. He found some shavings on the ground when he came back home to see,” McCauley told FOX40.

The next night, her car was the target.

“Drove it, took it to the AM-PM. Thankfully, it was able to start a little bit,” McCauley said.

Twice in one week and on back-to-back nights, someone drilled holes into both their vehicles’ gas tanks, stealing their gas.

It was a costly annoyance, especially for McCauley’s boyfriend who could not make it to work in the Bay Area after his car was drilled into.

“It costs a lot of money to fix it and, you know, you missed some hours out of work just to be able to come fix your car,” McCauley said.

She said others along her midtown street have also had the same thing happen to them recently.

Breana Padilla said she had her gas stolen out of her car nearby when she was at work. So she went and got a lock for her gas tank.

“My dad just told me $25, $30,  AutoZone or whatever and you can just go get it and put it on. It’s just a key that you bring around,” Padilla told FOX40.

But that might not stop someone from using a drill to get to the gas.

Thursday night, McCauley said she knows it’s a case police might not be able to solve but she still wants the public to know they could be the next victim.


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