Midtown Sacramento restaurant says HOA is pushing back against outdoor dining

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The operator of the Broderick Roadhouse restaurant in midtown Sacramento said its efforts to survive the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are being jeopardized by its landlord and neighbors.

Sacramento’s Farm to Fork Al Fresco initiative gives restaurants in midtown’s Handle District the ability to close off sidewalks and streets to allow for outdoor dining.

The special permits involve installing temporary orange barriers to protect customers from street traffic.

“It was a tremendous help and really a lifeline,” said Michael Mazzei, the general manager of Broderick Roadhouse.

That’s why Broderick Roadhouse was all in.

Like many restaurants, they don’t have enough outdoor dining space to make it profitable during the COVID-19 restaurant shutdown.

But Mazzei said he has been getting flack from his landlord and the homeowners association of the L Street Lofts above his restaurant.

He said he was told the city’s orange road barriers that make dining safe also make the property look unsightly.

Mazzei said he was told the HOA has final say over whether the outdoor tables can stay.

“I don’t know why they are threatening to remove the tables when we’re barely surviving,” he told FOX40. “We’re trying to keep our guys employed.”

Broderick’s management said that if there are concerns about the orange barriers now, they’re really worried about what happens this winter when the weather gets bad. That’s when the sidewalk tables may need to be covered, altering the look of the building again.

A spokesperson for the association denied that any threats were made.

“The L Street Lofts Homeowners Association and its board of directors are not aware of any such sanctions or discussion regarding the outdoor dining abilities authorized by the City of Sacramento,” a statement read.

The statement also said the HOA has nothing to do with the operation of the restaurant or how the landlord makes decisions.

Mazzei said there are other petty demands now being made that further hurt the struggling business.

City officials confirm that Broderick Roadhouse is permitted for sidewalk dining and the restaurant insists that the landlord can’t dictate how the city decides to use its sidewalks.

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