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SACRAMENTO — Authorities report a 14-year-old missing out of Rio Linda was found after walking into a North Sacramento business Tuesday night to ask for help.

Grace Vanderveen had been missing since Feb. 19.

Her parents say she left her cellphone along with a note apologizing for leaving. A friend later claimed the girl was coerced into writing the apology.

Vanderveen was spotted in a vacant home in Del Paso Heights along with another 14-year-old girl but had already disappeared when her parents went to investigate.

On Tuesday, the 14-year-old showed up in a North Sacramento business and told an employee she was listed as a missing person. Her mother told FOX40 she is in a safe place following her reappearance.

Grace’s parents believed someone helped her leave town. Officials have not been able to confirm that information and her whereabouts during her disappearance have not been reported.