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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A missing Sacramento man’s friends reached out to volunteer divers asking for help after weeks of uncertainty.

In the murky waters of the American River Michael Pelley typically dives for fallen treasures.

“I never cease to be amazed when I go down there,” Pelley told FOX40. “I can go in the same spot almost every day in the summer and there’s new stuff.”

But Wednesday’s search was far grimmer.

“Anytime I can help I’ll always try to, no matter the circumstances,” Pelley said.

He was looking for any sign of Alex Holden, who has been missing since the early morning hours of Dec. 31.

Investigators say the 25-year-old may have been heading to Natomas from his midtown Sacramento apartment along the Sacramento Northern Bikeway Trail, which crosses over the river.

“They’ve done a lot of searches out on the riverbanks and they’ve done searches on top of the water. But there hasn’t been anybody that’s actually dove into the water yet,” Pelley explained.

Holden’s friends got in touch with Pelley on Reddit asking if he would try to look.

“It’s a skill I have, so I figured why not share it for a good cause?” he said.

He and one of his friends were keeping their eyes peeled for Holden’s tan Patagonia sweater that he was last seen wearing or his cell phone, which lost service the morning he disappeared.

“Hopefully it’s not the worst-case scenario. But all else fails, I’d like to be able to at least cross one more place off a list for them,” Pelley told FOX40.

They did not find any clues during Wednesday’s search. They will return later in the week to continue in the search for answers.

But Pelley said he hopes the search turns up empty so Holden can return home safely to his family and friends.

Community members have launched a website dedicated to finding Holden, with interactive maps and ways to upload surveillance videos. Sacramento police have also set up a hotline at 916-732-0100 for people to submit tips about Holden’s location.