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A Modesto event may be a scam, according to the city’s Parks and Recreation Department.

On its website, Modesto’s Beer and Bites claimed they’re returning this fall…

But here’s the thing, no one we spoke to has ever heard of it.

“Never happened here,” Joseph Cueto, a Modesto resident of five years told FOX40.

The organization that claimed ownership of the event, at least one of them, is Beer N’ Bites LLC at 3430 Tully Road in Modesto.

However, that address technically belongs to Raley’s.

But there is one person we spoke with who has heard of Beer and Bites.

“Only because our staff member got a personal email from Groupon,” Andrew Johnson, the interim director for Modesto’s Parks and Recreation Department explained.

Johnson said Groupon contacted them after selling about 100 tickets, the promotion has since been taken down from the website.

But as of Thursday afternoon, the website Eventbrite still listed ticket prices from $18.50 to $35.

“Unfortunately, it appears to be a scam,” Johnson said.

Johnson added he has yet to see an application from the people behind Modesto Beer and Bites, which promised a two-day event with seafood buffets and 200 beer vendors.

A promise that he said requires months of prep.

“You have street closure permits, you have to have maps so that our fire department knows how they get through if there’s an emergency. There’s alcohol involved so you have to get an ABC permit,” he said,

We tried to reach out to Beer and Bites to no avail.

Johnson said even if Beer and Bites is not a scam, actually setting up at this late in the game is impossible.

“It’s like a 45 day process. Minimum. Just to get the permit,” Johnson said.

The Modesto Police Department said that if anyone has purchased tickets and this event does not come to pass, buyers should file a police report.

FOX40 also asked Johnson if any vendors had signed up for the event, he said so far, he hasn’t received any word.