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MODESTO — A soon-to-be-married Modesto couple is four months away from their wedding date without an engagement ring because they say Zales returned the wrong ring after they sent theirs in for a minor repair.

“It’s already a black cloud over our wedding, and daily I have to try to track someone down to find a resolution,” Amy Basset said.

Bassett and her fiance, Ryan Souza, said they recently took their original engagement ring back into the Modesto Zales location they purchased if from after one of the small diamonds in the setting fell out.

They said the store told them it would be sent to their repair store in Irving, Texas, for the repair and to expect it back within a month. When they checked back in with the store a month later, they said they were told the order was still processing.

When Zales eventually told the couple to come in and pick their ring back up, they say they were surprised with what they were handed.

Bassett said the ring her husband brought back home had a cluster of small diamonds in the center instead of the larger, round, center diamond they had purchased.

“I felt really dumb for not noticing at the beginning and leaving the store with a different ring,” Souza said.

Souza said he thought the ring looked different and dirty, but he brought it home because his wife was really excited to get it back.

“He has a lot of guilt about it. He told me ‘I feel like I ruined your engagement for you,’ and it’s like, no it’s not your fault, but he just feels so bad,” Bassett said.

Bassett said the store confirmed that the ring they were given was not in fact the ring they purchased, but were unable to track down her true ring.

“I know it’s lost, but they won’t say it’s lost. They say we’re still looking for it,” Souza said.

“They’ve been giving me the runaround, the ‘I can’t help you, call corporate.’ We call corporate, ‘we can’t help you, talk to the store manager,’  just the off-putting of blame to another party,” Bassett said.

FOX40 reached out to Zales for a comment multiple times.

The local store told FOX40 all media inquiries went through corporate.

FOX40 was directed to a media contact from Zales’ corporate office in Texas whose number went directly to voicemail and whose voicemail was repeatedly full.

On Tuesday, Signet, the company that owns Zales, Kay Jewelers and Jared the Galleria of Jewelry emailed FOX40 the following statement:

“At Zales, we take customer concerns very seriously and view even one issue as unacceptable. We have reviewed this guest issue, as we do all that are brought to our attention, and are working diligently to resolve it in a manner that meets the expectations of the guest.”

Signet also posted a press release on their website on June 3 disputing national social media claims of mishandled jewelry and diamond swapping.

Bassett said only after her social media post, tagging Zales and showing the two different rings went viral, shared over 26,000 times in a week, did Zales offer her a full refund.

“It would be nice to have the ring back, but we’ll never know if that was the ring he used to propose with. At this point, we just want to take our business elsewhere,” she said.

After sharing her story on social media, Bassett was also contacted by a woman who worked at a loan company in Texas who said her office received several packages containing rings from Zales that had been sent to the wrong address.

That woman emailed Bassett her email correspondence with Zales, showing that she sent the rings to Zales correct corporate office address in Texas.

Unfortunately, Bassett said her ring was not in those packages.