Modesto grandfather who lost sight, left leg in crash teaches himself to DJ

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MODESTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A Modesto grandfather who lost his sight and his left leg after a suspected drunken driver crashed into him has taught himself to become a DJ.

Manuel Russ performs under the name DJ See No Evil.

“Just see the positive in everything and that’s why I picked that name,” he told FOX40.

Even though he can’t see and has limited mobility, Russ can still feel, spin, scratch and mix.

“My daughter downloads the music to a USB and then she’ll organize the music by each file for beats per minute,” Russ said.

Russ says he taught himself to DJ to help out with bills. He said his July was all booked up before everything was canceled.

When FOX40 first met him last year, Russ was speaking to hundreds of kids about how a suspected drunken driver crashed into him in 2018. 

To this day, he’s had to undergo a number of surgeries.

He lost his sight and his left leg, but not himself.

“Trying to save, save other lives,” Russ said. “That’s my main purpose.”

But it wasn’t just the physical toll. Unable to work, Russ and his large family were homeless for about six months.

“I think it’s very selfish to get behind the wheel and think that you’re OK because it’s not just you,” Kim Reynosa-Russ, his wife, told FOX40.

The family is barely scraping by and even though Russ’s long time partner is his full-time caretaker, Reynosa-Russ had to find work.

“Had to go and get a part-time job because we can’t do it, and I refuse to let my children be homeless again,” she said.

Through it all, he’s tuned in to his insight and that’s worth playing on repeat.

“Just enjoy my kids, enjoy what I have now, and just trying to move forward,” he said. “That’s the best way that I can look at it.”

Although Russ hasn’t been able to speak to kids at rallies due to COVID-19, he’s been able to share his story via virtual DUI classes. 

You can also find Russ on YouTube, where he shows off his budding DJ skills and his messages of not getting behind the wheel if you’re under the influence.


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