MODESTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The family of a man shot by Modesto police is questioning the officers’ actions after a domestic-issue call turned deadly.

Family members identified the man killed as Paul Chavez Jr., a father of three. 

“Evidently there were nine or 10 cops there, and my nephew, he was combative,” Bobby Chavez said.

Shortly after 5:30 Thursday evening, Modesto police were called to Entrada Way near Orangeburg Avenue. According to police, they found an adult male in the front of the house.

“They tased him from my understanding. When the tase didn’t work, they shot him — They shot him,” Chavez said.

Police have yet to confirm the use of the taser and have not given any details about what led up to the shooting simply saying, “he was uncooperative and during the interaction with him an officer-involved shooting occurred”.

“He’s had some issues going on the last couple of weeks; he’s been under a lot of pressure,” Chavez told FOX40.

Chavez Jr. was struggling emotionally and psychologically the last few weeks, and this was not the first time police had been called to intervene, his uncle said.

“I understand the police department being concerned, but the way they did it was wrong,” Chavez said.

He did not witness the shooting, but he said Chavez Jr.’s mother-in-law watched it all play out.

“I heard that from his mother-in-law he did not have a weapon. They confronted him out in the front and she says his hands were out,” Chavez said.

In their brief statement, Modesto police did not say if the man they shot was armed or what he did that led officers to use deadly force. They said they will be releasing body cam footage in the coming weeks.