Modesto restaurants will follow city-specific standards for COVID-19 safety

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MODESTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Restaurants in Modesto are not just setting tables, they’re part of a group working to set new health and safety standards for the industry.

“Because we felt that it was necessary to have that extra guidance so that our guests would feel safe coming in, as well as our employees,” said Tammy Maisetti, who has owned Tresetti’s World Caffe for 26 years. 

Maisetti and other restaurateurs teamed up with Visit Modesto to create the MoCertified program

“Think of it as a covenant of trust that the restaurant owners are going to follow specific standards,” said Visit Modesto CEO Todd Aaronson.

Aaronson said MoCertified standards go above and beyond what’s required by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Every 30 minutes, all of their staff members throughout the entire restaurant will be washing their hands, sanitizing all the surfaces that they work in, sanitizing door handles and rails and bar food areas,” Aaronson explained.

Visit Modesto said they anticipate at least half of the restaurants in the city to be MoCertified by the end of June and each restaurant will have a sticker out front to indicate that.

“The whole point is for them to be able to come to our restaurant, enjoy our food, enjoy our service. But at the same time, know that we’re doing everything we possibly can for their safety and comfort,” Maisetti told FOX40.

MoCertified also means new standards for customers too. People will be required to sanitize their hands when they come in and to maintain physical distancing with anyone not at their table. 

“It’s very important that they know that they’re safe and that we have their best interests at heart when they come to our restaurant,” Maisetti said.

While restaurants are implementing many new safety measures, Maisetti said when you come to Tresetti’s some things will never change.

“They can expect the best service that they’ll possibly get in the city of Modesto and the best food,” she said.


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