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MODESTO — Some Modesto schools kicked off back to school with a celebration Monday.

This year, like many Modesto schools, Evelyn Hanshaw Middle School is celebrating some Measure D and E bond funded upgrades, including new 70-inch instruction screens in classrooms.

“We’re trying to change how people look at Hanshaw and this is a great step,” said math teacher Jose Rios. “We have a new paint job, we have new carpets, TVs. We’re doing anything we can to make our students feel welcome.”

Principal Lori Jonas said the goal is to get students to make the effort to be at school on time every day.

“The Modesto City School slogan is ‘Every day matters, every moment counts.’ We want our students here with us every day so they don’t miss anything,” Jonas told FOX40.

At least in eighth-grader Julian Flores’ case, the message seems to be getting through.

“I’m going to try to miss no days. Because once you miss a day then you get like set back, you know. After all the days you miss you start getting behind everyone,” she said.