MODESTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Three teenagers ran to the rescue when a Modesto home caught fire while people were sleeping inside.

This happened on the Fourth of July, and now, the boys are sharing their story.

“There’s a family. There’s a family back there,” someone can be heard saying in a cellphone video.

The video shows the moments a fire tore through a backyard building.

“The back house was on fire, but it was already getting to the main house,” Pedro Tejada, who helped rescue the family, said.

Teenagers attending a nearby birthday party ran to see what was happening.

“We bang on the doors. We yell at the gates. We yell everywhere,” Jesus “Chuey” Madrigal recalled.

“We were even throwing rocks at the windows,” Tejeda said.

“We were throwing rocks at the windows, and they weren’t waking up. And a lot of people were saying, ‘Oh, they’re not home. They’re not home.’ But their cars were there,” Madrigal said.

Pedro Tejada, Juan Martinez, and Chuey Madrigal didn’t think about what they needed to do next — They just did it.

“And nobody would come out. So, Juan jumped the fence, and after Juan, I saw Chuey jump the fence,” Tejada said.

“It just all happened really fast,” Martinez said.

“I was like, I have to go get them. That’s my friend. I’m not going to let him go in there by himself,” Tejada said.

The boys explained they got inside the home and woke up the residents, even helping carry some of them to safety.

“I carried the kid that was all the way in the back still asleep,” Madrigal said.

They even helped keep the fire from reaching the main house while waiting for firefighters to get there.

 “Juan was back there in the back with the water hose,” Tejada told FOX40.

They didn’t do any of it for glory or publicity.

“You know, just for them to be safe,” Madrigal said.

“After we helped them out, we’re just let’s just leave so we don’t have to deal with anything,” Tejada said. “We just helped them out already. We could leave.”

“I would like other people to help me. So it felt really good helping other people,” Martinez said.

“They just go above and beyond. They don’t think about it. They think about others before they think about themselves,” Lilia Prado, Pedro’s mom said.

Pedro’s mom says she didn’t even know what the boys did until three days after it happened when she saw the video on Facebook.

“As I see the boys, how they’re reacting and what they’re doing, it calmed me down. I’m like, it’s OK. They’re OK. Everything’s going to be fine. And they saved some lives,” Prado said.

Now that the story is out, the accolades are pouring in, including a message from the high school principal.

“‘Congratulations and I can’t wait to see you back on campus,’” Madrigal recalled of the message.