(FOX40.COM) — A Modesto woman is holding out hope that her sister’s killer will be caught and brought to justice.

The body of 35-year-old Jami Narvaez was discovered on the side of the road in rural San Jose on October 9. 

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office announced the homicide investigation on Monday.

The victim’s sister, Roberta Correa, said, “I’m taking it so hard because I loved my sister. I loved her so much. How could someone do this to her?”

“I couldn’t spit it out to my mom what happened and then I told her, ‘My sister Jami was shot,’” she added. 

Narvaez’s mother, Doreen Saccomano, said, “We’re all here and we’re all going to be here for each other.“

Correa told FOX40 that her sister was shot multiple times in the head, which was discovered when the body was found by a nearby homeowner. 

“They didn’t even know she was dead, they thought she just needed help because she was lying there like she was alive,” said Correa. 

According to Narvaez’s mother and sister, she went to stay with friends in San Jose after a family camping trip on July 9.

“I said, ‘Jami be careful where you’re going,’ and she said, ‘I know sis, I’m okay. I’m okay.’ that’s the last time we physically saw her,” Correa continued. “She has five kids that are going to grow up wondering ‘Why did this happen?'”

Correa says Narvaez’s 8-year-old son drew a picture of a gun at school after learning his mom was shot and killed. 

“He wrote a letter saying, ‘I’m sad and I’m angry because this is what killed my mom.’”

Correa, who became the kids’ legal guardian two years ago now wonders how she goes on without her baby sister. 

“I dropped out of high school to help raise her, and, you know, she followed me everywhere. From the day she was born until now, she followed me everywhere.” 

She continued, “I feel like I can’t lay my sister to rest until I know what happened. Until the person is caught. This way I can rest, too.”

Correa also told FOX40 that she’s in touch with detectives on the case and continues to get updates as they come in. 

As the family waits for answers, they’re looking for help to move on.  A link to a GoFundMe for the family can be found here.