(FOX40.COM) — Crews with the Modesto Fire Department battled a fire erupting from a Tesla SUV on Monday morning, according to the fire department.

The vehicle located at Carver Road and Roseburg Avenue was billowing black smoke as Modesto Engine 4 arrived on scene.

Crews found the flames burning directly near utility poles and under powerlines as they began to quickly knock down the flames.

Modesto Truck 5, Battalion Chief 1 and Battalion Chief 3 also responded to provide additional assistance in extinguishing the towering flames.

After the flames were knocked down, the fire department used their skid steer to load the Tesla into a large metal dumpster due to the dangers of spontaneous reignition by the batteries.

The Tesla was taken from the scene inside the dumpster as the Modesto Environmental Compliance Department arrived on scene to remove any debris and mitigate water runoff.