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Marysville women say they are being forced to live in filth, with invasive mold taking over their apartments – among other glaring problems.

Two of the women are pregnant, with two saying they have miscarried in the past.

Thanks to the mold problems, the women say, A/C units in the apartment have stopped working – and the high in Marysville Sunday was 106 degrees.

“They just bought a plexiglass and molded on. I don’t have an open window,” a woman named Melissa said.

Problem after problem.

“That’s where my plug caught on fire last night,” Melissa said.

“Plug by in here had my charger plugged into it and we started smelling smoke, and we came over here and it was smoking,” another woman named Geneva said.

“My room hasn’t been working for five months. There’s no PG&E in there,” Tamisha Martin said.

And the stench.

“My toilet doesn’t work. You have to plunger every time after somebody uses it, and it all goes up into my bathtub,” Geneva said.

“My toilet is broken. I gotta tie a shoe string, flush it and push black piece in here to get water in it,” Mary Ontiveros said.

“The feces, the water when you flush it, comes back up through the ground,” Melissa said.

And that’s the only thing that’s spreading inside their Montclair apartments.

“He woke up this morning, had ants all over his bed,” said Ontiveros. “There’s cockroaches. I’ve been spraying stuff.”

There are also no locks on the mailboxes. An active wasp nest can be found in one of the boxes, with residents saying they’ve been stung by them.

FOX40 talked to the property owner and he says he acquired the property back in January. He says he has made about six visits to the complex in the past six months to try and correct the problems, most recently yesterday. None of the tenants say they saw him yesterday, though.

He also says he installed seven new smoke detectors, and that the residents must have taken them down. He also claims that the residents are not clean people.