Mom of 4 Loses Husband in Motorcycle Crash; 9 Days Later Car is Stolen

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A Sacramento family got tragic news on Oct. 28 when a motorcycle crash took the life of a father of four. Just nine days later they received more bad news — their only car was stolen.

Stephen Lopes left behind a wife and four kids ranging from ages 9 to 16 when he crashed his motorcycle on Madison Avenue.

“He was going excessive speed, his tire hit the curb. He went into a tree passed away instantly,” said his wife Miranda Lopes.

Miranda, a stay at home mom, has to get a job to support her family, but that’s more difficult now that her car was stolen.

The 1996 Honda Accord, license plate 6HIP069, was taken from right in front of her house on Mona Way.

“I went with my aunt somewhere and she said ‘I didn’t see your car out front,’ I said, ‘Let’s go by the house and check.’ We came by and we were like ‘Oh my God, it’s gone,'” Miranda said.

The mom of four is trying to stay strong for her kids but some days are harder than others.

“You just wonder why all of a sudden there’s such bad things happening to you,” she said.

A GoFundMe account has been set up by the family to help them get back on their feet.

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