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In a video posted to his Facebook page, you can see David Livingston showing off the kind of beautiful steps to which he’s dedicated his life.

Now many in Folsom are questioning the kind of steps police say the 58-year-old made off the dance floor Monday.

According to officers, he followed a 14-year-old girl in his van, honking and trying to get her attention as she walked down Montrose Drive.

Police say the girl was so frightened, she ducked into a nearby shopping center.

When Livingston went there as well, a passerby, convinced she was watching the beginning of a kidnapping, put the teen in her car to protect her.

That woman then called 9-1-1, a call that helped put Livingston behind bars for annoying or harassing a child.

FOX40 went to Folsom’s Broadstone Racquet Club, where Livingston teaches ballroom dance, to find out if he’d still be offering classes there.

With the club’s director out of town, no one would comment.

Though he’s out on bond, there was no answer at the home of Livingston’s girlfriend and dancing partner, where he’s known to stay most of the time.

The dance teacher also wasn’t at his own home when FOX40 tried to get his take on what happened and calls to his personal cell phone went unreturned.

Dave MacDonald learned of his next door neighbor’s arrest when he sat down to watch FOX40’s Monday night news.

“I saw the picture. It kind of shocked me and surprised me,” he said.

Aside from seeing our first report, MacDonald awoke to find someone had printed copies of the web version from and taped them to doors in the area.

He said he didn’t want to jump to conclusions about anyone, but when asked if he found the police account concerning he said, “certainly.”

Another man who didn’t want to go on camera says he first believed his friend just mistook the girl for someone he knew because of his poor eyesight.

He changed his mind after speaking to Livingston by phone once he was out of jail.

He says the dance teacher and father of pre-teens told him that he was just honking at a pretty girl on the street.

Despite what many along Montrose Drive feel was happening Monday, police say the situation isn’t legally considered an attempted kidnapping because Livingston never had direct contact with the teen and they can’t speculate on his intent.