More than a Dozen Arrested in Fairfield Federal Raid

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“It was a SWAT vehicle like a bus, looking over that way just to see in case anyone came running down the fields,” said Zach Lynskey.

These pictures taken by a neighbor through his back fence show SWAT officers in action at this home off Ramsey Road.

“Four guys hopped out of the back with full assault rifles and everything ready to go,” Lynskey said.

Inside Fairfield Police say they found seven illegally possessed guns and two stolen vehicles, as well as marijuana, cocaine and meth.

“I didn’t even know that was going on. We live so close and you don’t even know that they’re doing anything over there,” said Lynskey.

The raid was a joint effort between the Fairfield Police, Solano County Sheriff’s Office, Homeland Security and Immigration, which all started when a backhoe went missing from a nearby construction site. Fairfield Police say that equipment had a lowjack device on it, which led investigators to the home. But it was a property which was already the site of an ongoing investigation.

A woman at the area, who didn’t want her face shown on camera, says the owner of the property was always very nice to her.

“He sent his guys over and rototilled my garden for me. He’s just been a wonderful neighbor and I just can’t believe it must have been some of the guys that lease that horse barn thing from him,” the woman said.

It’s unclear if the owner she knows was one of the fourteen people authorities arrested in the raid.

No one on the property wanted to talk to our cameras. But neighbors tell us about once a month they would hear parties and rodeos taking place there.

“You can see the fence line out here, that would just be full of trailers, horse trailers, and they’d have an arena set up there and the music would be playing and they would have fun till about 11 at night,” Lynskey said.

When they did throw those parties, neighbors tell us the family always sent out letters like this one, to let them know who to call if it got too loud. We also called this number, but could not get a response.

Police haven’t said how much of those illegal narcotics they found on that property. The names of the suspects arrested also have not been released.



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