Mother Concerned About Mold in Stockton Classroom

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A concerned parent claimed her child was used as the middle man to deliver the message that a classroom in John Adams Elementary School may have a mold problem.

As kids played at the school on Thursday, mother Crystal Lopez worried that they, and her 11-year-old son Isaiah, may have been exposed to toxic mold.

“I’m over here thinking, 'Is the ceiling going to cave in? Is water leaking on them?'” Lopez said.

Earlier this week, she said Isaiah’s teacher told her class there are four roof leaks in their classroom and she was concerned there might be mold, as well.

“The teacher said that we might get sick because we might have mold in our classroom,” she shared.

Her son is asthmatic and came home the week prior sick.

“On Friday, he had woken up and he had like severe stomach cramping and he was just, like, sick. So I figured it was like a bug or something,” she said.

The Stockton Unified School District confirmed they found mold at John Adams Elementary School because of the recent rains. They said they are in the process of cleaning it up. However, they did not say whether or not that mold is toxic.

Lopez said she’s upset by how she found out about the potential problem. Not from the district, the principal or even the teacher. She found out from her fourth-grade son. She said the teacher used her students as messengers.

Frustrated, Lopez sent a message to Isaiah’s teacher Thursday morning.

In messages between Lopez and the teacher, which she shared with FOX40, the teacher wrote that she "told the kids unofficially because parents complaining makes things happen." And, "because there are several kids sick."

And added she didn’t tell the kids there was mold but said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if there was. The district needs to do tests.”

The teacher told Lopez that she had complained to the principal and even OSHA, but nothing had been done,

“I feel like the district needs to act on it. I mean, I would want the district to see. What if those were your kids in that classroom?” Lopez said.

All Lopez wants to know is that her son will be safe in the classroom, and that if there is a problem, that she’ll be contacted directly.

“I feel like there’s more that’s not being told to us parents or to the children,” she said.

We also reached out to the school district again about the mold in the classroom. They had not returned FOX40's phone calls by Thursday afternoon.


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