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SACRAMENTO — A Sacramento mother is desperate to have her son’s unique tricycle returned. The custom tricycle was the only way the 13-year-old boy with special needs could get around.

“I mean, I don’t even care about who took it. I don’t care why, I don’t care if it had damage done to it, it doesn’t matter. Like if I could just have that bike back,” Falon Miles said.

Miles figured her and her son’s bikes were safe on her back patio at her downtown Sacramento apartment. But she was wrong, as one morning she discovered her bike and her son Angel’s tricycle missing.

“The reason we need a trike is my son has motor skill issues, and he’s not able to ride a two-wheeler,” Miles told FOX40.

Angel has special needs, and according to Miles, the trike was so much more than just a toy.

“This is an outlet for my son to go out and be social,” Miles said.

Miles had saved for months to afford the tricycle, which she then spent a week custom painting to give it a Sci-Fi theme, complete with LED lights and sprockets.

“I’m like, if you wanted a bike, what would it look like? And so he told me, and like I worked on this bike night and day… I gave him the bike and he was amazed, he didn’t know what to do,” Miles recalls the day she gave the gift to her son.

Then it was gone in an instant. At first Miles didn’t want to tell him what had happened. When she did she was stunned by his reaction.

“He’s just so logical, he’s like, no the police find bad guys, and then they’ll get my bike back, it’s OK, like he’s calming me down,” Miles said.

Miles put a picture of Angel’s bike on Facebook, where it was shared and re-shared. Then someone put the post on Reddit, and since that time the tips have been flowing in. Miles said people have been messaging her and said a white male in his 50s has been spotted with the trike, first on K Street near the new Golden 1 Center construction site and another sighting near El Camino and Watt Avenue.

She said people tell her the man appears to be homeless and has a neck tattoo of a marijuana leaf.

“Dude, I just need the bike back… The meaning and the effort and the love and everything that was put into that bike, you can’t replace that,” Miles told FOX40.

Miles said she has filed a police report, but if she can get the bike back, she won’t press charges and there’ll be no questions asked. If you think you’ve seen Angel’s tricycle please email