Mother speaks out after her sons were taunted with racist language at Topgolf

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ROSEVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) – A local mother says she and her three sons were taunted with racist language in Roseville last week.

After enjoying a fun time with her sons at Topgolf, Jessica Alyse and her boys, ages 14, 11 and 7, were confronted in the parking lot by two middle-aged men.

Observing that her sons are Black, Alyse said one of the men yelled out “Black Lives Matter.” In solidarity, Alyse said she responded with “Yes, they do.”

However, she told FOX40 that the man followed it up with, “No the ‘f’ they don’t.”

Alyse said she reacted, answering back with inappropriate language as she and her boys walked away.

“Began to yell and taunt my son and do like a monkey-type of body language. And say, ‘Oh, you little ‘n.’ You’re just a little ‘n’ boy.’ And yelling this while looking at my son like he wanted to fight,” Alyse said.

She said her teen instinctively wanted to protect her but her other sons were just scared.

“It resolved by me seeing the situation and thinking that my kids, especially my older son, our lives are more important than what can come from some physical altercation that it looked like was being … they were trying to kind of make happen by their body language,” Alyse explained.

After both parties left, Alyse shared the incident on social media. She said the post went viral.

Roseville police told FOX40 they’re investigating the incident as a possible hate crime, which will be forwarded to the district attorney’s office.

Topgolf managers declined to be interviewed on camera and deferred comments to their Facebook page, which says in part, “We want to be clear that we do not tolerate any acts of racism or discrimination.”

Topgolf officials said they notified police and terminated the memberships of the instigators involved.

Patrons of Topgolf said the incident was shameful, especially because the victims targeted were a mother and her children.

“Racism, I don’t even think that it should exist here ’cause we’re a land built on immigration,” said Topgolf patron Terry Christian Torres Jr.

“Their disgusting demeanor, it did affect our family but it only made us stronger,” Alyse said.

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