Mountain Lion Kills Family’s Llama in El Dorado County

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POLLOCK PINES — A community in Pollock Pines is on high alert Friday night after a mountain lion killed a pet llama and came dangerously close to an adult woman.

Thankfully, the family dogs were able to scare away the wild animal for now but the owners fear that it could come back to cause more harm.

Thirty llamas spend their days grazing beside the chickens and their nights defending against would-be predators.

But Thursday night took a terrifying turn

“At around, 2:30 in the morning, the dogs started barking and ran out of the house,” said Vickie Prosser.

Vickie and Bill Prosser have lived on these 14 acres for over 20 years and say they’ve never had a closer call.

Vickie came outside to see what was going on and that’s when she saw a dark figure in the distance start to approach her that turned out to be a mountain lion.

The wild animal was just feet away from Vickie and it didn’t take long for it to lunge her way.

“It charged me and at that point I also noticed that it had killed one of our llamas. My husband came out with his shotgun and tried to scare it away but it just kind of stayed there,” Vickie explained.

Vickie says she doesn’t know what would have happened had her dogs not been there to protect her.

The animals chased the mountain lion up in a tree by the time Bill got outside.

“I came out with my shotgun, ran down to the pasture where Vickie was and the dogs were trying to ward off the mountain lion,” he said.

It was dark and the trees were blocking his view. He knew Vickie wasn’t safe being that close.

“I didn’t want to freak her out but all I was thinking was, ‘get the hell out of there. Get out of there,’” Bill said.

As all of this was happening — the other llamas stood together in a defensive stance — as the mountain began stalking the fence line looking for a way back in

The Prossers say they’ve never had a mountain lion attack one of their animals.

“To know that it had actually come in and killed one of the llamas, yeah is a little scary and to have it still hanging out there… what can you do to get rid of it,” Vickie said.

Bill eventually fired gunshots to scare it off — but the Prossers say it’s still on the loose in El Dorado County.

And Bill says he’ll be standing guard through the night — making sure his wife and pets are out of harm’s way.

“Keep your pets and kids inside. Keep them safe. Don’t let them sit outside on their own,” Bill said.

El Dorado County Sheriff’s deputies were notified about the incident.

Fish and Wildlife biologists are off for the holiday weekend.

The wild animal was last seen walking on the basin below Snowline Ridge.


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