Mountain Lion Captured in North Natomas Neighborhood

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SACRAMENTO COUNTY — A mountain lion was sighted in a North Natomas neighborhood during the day Sunday.

“The officer yelled, ‘He’s on the loose, get in your house quickly,'” said neighbor Amy Nunez.

Bryn O’Shea’s RING security camera was activated Sunday morning when a mountain lion appeared at her front door.

Multiple police and animal control officers rushed to Merrivale Way near Bessemer Court, where they found the mountain lion in a backyard.

As neighbors sheltered in their homes and cars, officers tranquilized the large cat.

However, the first attempt to stop the mountain lion was unsuccessful. Instead of falling asleep, it took off, jumping over fences and running through multiple back yards.

“It could be that it just wasn’t enough,” said Chief Animal Control Officer Jace Huggins. “It could be that it bounced off of the hide because they have some pretty thick hide. So, it’s kind of hard to say.”

The Garveys, safe in their home, watched as animal control worked to tranquilize the mountain lion yet again.

“We just saw it out our back window,” said neighbor Bonnie Garvey. “It’s very surreal. It just didn’t look like it belonged.”

Officers were finally able to capture the animal and safely take it out of the neighborhood.

“They are thinking he’s actually pretty healthy,” Huggins told FOX40. “So, most likely, he will be released out into a wild area that is far more adequate for him to be.”

Animal control said the area is near some wildlife but what happened Sunday was still extremely rare.

“It was actually an honor to experience it,” Garvey said. “It was just a beautiful cat. With everyone being safe and safely ending, I can say it’s an honor.”

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