Mountain Lion Spotted by Runner on American River Trail

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The American River Parkway in Folsom.
A mountain lion was spotted in this area last week.

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A mountain lion sighting near the popular American River Parkway trail in Sacramento County, just days after a young boy was attacked by a big cat in the Bay Area, has people on edge.

“There are signs saying there’s a mountain lion that’s been spotted there I guess since May, is wheren it was first spotted, but it’s definitely there. It’s big,” Holly Macriss told FOX40.

It was spotted again, last Friday, along the bike trail near Lake Natoma  and Folsom Boulevard in Folsom.

Macriss is a marathon runner and has seen the mountain lion cross the trail while out training.

“It was moving very slowly; didn’t look aggressive, it was kind of wandering,” Macriss said. “It walked across the trail. It looked over its shoulder, but it wasn’t looking back at me.”

She grew up in Colorado, and knew what mountain lions looked like, but this was a first for her.

“I stopped. And I know you’re supposed to make yourself large, but I got a little freaked out and I kinda looked around me to see if there was anyone else, and there wasn’t,” Macriss told FOX40.

She alerted her running group and other people who use the trail.

“I go and do a lot of hiking in the mountains. I’ve never actually seen a mountain lion,” hiker Petra Miyasato said.

Fish and Wildlife officials say it’s not unusual to have mountain lions along the American River Parkway. A few months back, wardens tranquilized and safely removed a mountain lion that had wandered into a residential area in Sacramento near the trail.

“They come around. Not really a bother, but you do see them,” Kindra Julian of Shingle Springs, said. “They kinda stand still-ish. Kinda like deer in the headlights, and then they take off when they get the opportunity.”

Mountain lions are spreading out further from their natural habitat in search for food; the drought has forced many species to seek food in different places, sometimes closer to residential areas.


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