Move America Forward sending hundreds of care packages to armed service members

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Girl Scout cookies, Cup Noodles and Halloween candy are being sent half-way around the world, and all of it is being sent to members of the armed services in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“You know, these guys are eating an MRE or two a day. They don’t have hot food,” Scott Raab with Move America Forward told FOX40. “The whole idea of a care package is a little pick-me-up.”

MREs are basically non-perishable bags of food full of calories and nutrients. So, the care packages are often stuffed with savory foods.

“So, this care package, it has all the number one requested stuff: Oreos, Girl Scout cookies and jerky,” Raab said. “Coffee is number one item downrange, bar none.”

And Raab would know. Before becoming outreach director with Move America Forward, he served in the Navy and knows what it’s like to get a care package at mail call.

“I got two of them, and I still have the messages I got inside them. That’s the most important part,” Raab said.

The messages are from people who sponsored the boxes for a specific military member.

“A family member will request a package for a loved one. We receive that request and as the donations come in, we fulfill those requests,” Raab said.

All of that happens through the Move America Forward website and it’s also where the dozens of people making packages get information about volunteering.

“I’m hoping this gives them something to look forward to,” volunteer Erica Allen said. “People care about what they do.”

Allen, other volunteers and FedEx employees will help ship out 2,000 care packages for the holidays, and while much of what goes into them is not good for the body, every bit of it is good for the soul.

If you would like to donate our time or a package you can visit the Move America Forward website. You can also request a package be sent to a service member.

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