9 people displaced after fire in Del Paso Heights multi-unit residence

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A fire at an apartment building in Del Paso Heights caused a chaotic morning Friday, leaving one man in the hospital.

Just before 4 a.m., Sacramento Fire Department was called to the scene at Anderson Court, south of Interstate 80.

“We quickly turned that into a two-alarm fire,” said Wendy Aguilar, with Metro Fire. “We had about 50 fire personnel on scene responding.”

People in the neighborhood said they could not believe what they were seeing.

“Everything caught on fire, then his dad was hanging out the window in the front right here. He jumped out the window onto the awning,” said the resident.

Around the same time, Sgt. Garret Dinkins of Watchmen Security was nearby.

“I saw a bunch of smoke pouring onto the freeway,” Dinkins said. “I saw multiple people on the street screaming for help, crying. It appeared nobody had called 911 yet.”

At that point, Dinkins saw a man on the second floor of the building.

“I looked up at the second story where somebody started screaming that he was going to jump,” Dinkins recalled. “So, I turned around. The older male that was inside had actually jumped through the glass pane window.”

Dinkins says the man landed on his head, and at that point, he immediately ran to help.

“Grab a blanket, put him on the blanket, and I grabbed two other people to help carry him at least away from the fire as it was starting to spread on top of us,” Dinkins said.

Dinkins said that man was severely burned, and he too suffered minor burns to the back of his neck, face and hands. But even with his safety in jeopardy, Dinkins said he knew he had to help.

“My safety definitely was in question at some point, but I wanted to get him out of there. Because at that point, he now was a very injured person that we needed to move away as fast as we could,” Dinkins said.

Sacramento Fire Department says the man is alive but is in critical condition at the hospital.

As for what caused the fire, they are still investigating.

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