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STOCKTON — Law enforcement was out in full force late Saturday night and early Sunday morning as multiple sideshows took over the streets of Stockton and Lathrop.

Tire marks at Pixie Drive and Kingsley Avenue show the aftermath of the eventful night.

Stockton Police say their newly-formed San Joaquin County Multi-Agency Task Force had been tipped off that there would be sideshows. FOX40 spoke on the phone with one person who was at a Stockton sideshow about the law enforcement presence.

“They were on their game last night. I don’t know exactly but I would say there was at least 50 to 75 police officers,” the attendee told FOX40.

A video showed some of those officers at the sideshow, which residents said was the third time it has happened in the Stockton intersection in recent years. Anthony, who lives near where one of the sideshows was held, said helicopters circled the area during the early morning hours.

“We’re hearing on the megaphone above, ‘We got you boxed in, we’ve got you boxed in. You’re surrounded, you’ve got no way out,'” he said.

The sideshow attendee FOX40 spoke with on the phone said people came from as far as Los Angeles to participate Saturday night.

“It was pretty chaotic, everybody was just trying to go home, get away, go to the next spot,” the attendee said. “It was really chaotic. Luckily, there were a few people that did get arrested, got citations and got their vehicles towed, but it could have been a lot worse.”

Another video shows one man getting hit by a spinning car. FOX40 decided to cut the video prior to the car hitting the man. Stockton Police have reported that one man was taken to the hospital and is stable.

CHP aerial footage captured what appeared to be flares being shot into the air by attendees at one of the sideshows.

Police say they will not tolerate sideshow activity and formed the task force to combat dangerous and illegal behavior. The attendee FOX40 spoke to said this is a positive outlet for people who grow up around gangs and drugs.

“However people look at us, we are not criminals, we are not looking to go hurt people or damage people’s property. We are just out here trying to have fun,” the attendee said.

That fun is leaving a mark on city streets, and law enforcement plans to continue to be out in full force to stop it.

Stockton Police said they will likely release statistics Monday relating to the sideshows but did confirm there were arrests.